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Hello there! I'm Denni, a self-taught graphic designer and social media manager based in Dekalb, IL, offering top-notch solutions for website design, graphic design, and social media management. With almost a decade of hands-on experience in social media marketing, I've been delivering professional design and media services since 2020. My expertise spans event flyers, website development, and strategic Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business management, specializing in sales and marketing, I'm committed to helping small businesses, non-profits, and church organizations thrive online.

My passion lies in supporting small organizations, empowering them to amplify their messages and make meaningful impacts on their communities. Through effective social media strategies and captivating design, I aim to facilitate change and foster connections. In today's digital landscape, storytelling is paramount for businesses, and I'm here to lend my expertise and creative vision to ensure each client's story is told in the most compelling way possible. Let's collaborate and bring your brand's narrative to life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • While your needs may be unique to you, a social media manager will generally study and assess your online audience and use your business goals to strategize and leverage social media to connect with the right audience for you. A social media manager may create content for you, edit content, and/or create a content schedule for your organization. 

    A social media manager is in charge of the strategy and implementation of social media campaigns which can include organic and paid content on a variety of platforms. 

    A social media manager is NOT  a salesperson. It is important to have your sales funnel in place and other avenues for marketing and sales than social media. It is not a social media manager's job to sell your products or services but to increase brand awareness. 

  • We live in a culture of speed. Trends move fast, people move fast, and food and fashion move fast. It's important not to keep those same expectations of speed for seeing results on social media. Social media takes time and consistency. While everyone's story is different, you should not expect major growth or results from social media before the first 3 months. Roughly 90 days of consistency and quality content and strategy is the golden rule for seeing an increase in your reach, impressions, and vanity metrics.

  • No worries! Every business has unique needs, so Hue Studios offers unique packages. Start by scheduling a consultation or discovery call and we will walk through your specific needs together and create a custom package to help you achieve your business goals!

  • Website design varies with the needs of the organization. More complex websites can take as long as six months or more. Generally, website design by Hue Studios takes between 6-12 weeks, although some clients have seen turnaround times as fast as 2-3 weeks. The most important thing to keep in mind is to communicate your timeline needs and ensure clear due dates and milestones are evident for both the designer and the client. 

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