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All-In-One: The Way Nation

January 2020-Current

As a nonprofit startup, I started with The Way Nation as a social media manager and grew their Media Department from the ground up. My role here includes website design, social media management, graphic design, communications, marketing strategy, and administration/ policy writing as the Director of Media. 

2023 Portfolio_edited.png

How it Started

How it's Going

Social Media Results

My social media efforts for The Way Nation included:

  • Social Media Audit to pinpoint the audience, what was working, and what was not.

  • SM strategy to create a plan of action for content to reach organizational goals

  • Content Creation from conception to execution

  • Content Scheduling, Captioning, Hashtag research, and editing.

  • Monthly reporting to keep the org updated and continue growth.

2023 Portfolio_edited.png

See My Work

My work for the Way Nation spans dozens of projects and many roles over the last four years.

Graphic Design

YouTube Thumbnails, Event Flyers, Website Design, Merch Design & Product Mockups, and Newsletters. Images were created using Canva and Adobe Illustrator.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, and Data Analytics. Efforts have resulted in as much as 89,000% increase in social media insights! Photography & Videography done by me as well.

Department Structure

Policies & Procedures creation, training, scheduling, and other administrative tasks


Oversee and operate multiple software systems for audio and visual production including ATEM, Blackmagic Design, Lightkey, Boxcast, and more

Ignite Univeristy Logo.png

Website Design: Ignite University

Graphic Design Gallery

Website Design: Blushed Ambition

Event Flyers,

Marketing Flyers,

Business Cards,

Merch Design & Mockups,

YouTube Thumbnails,

And More!

Posters & Newsletters

Branded Content

YouTube & Twitch Banners

Resumes and Cover Letters

Text & Image Logos

Awards & Certificates

Forms & Presentation Graphics

Brand Kits

Trifold & Booklet Brochures

Website Design: The Spiritual Connection

Every year TBCC & Stay LIT, a Chicago nonprofit organization geared towards guiding youth into leadership provides the community with access to a Community Resource Guide. The guide is a collection of resources for the Chicago neighborhoods they serve and includes information on schools, libraries, community centers, and public service resources. The guide also includes information on the organization's sponsors and events of the previous year. 

Over the course of 3 months, I carefully curated their resource information to create this 60-page community resource guide for the five Chicago communities TBCC serves. With strict standards and a desire for readability and creativity, I worked with TBCC to meticulously craft this guide to give this organization what they were looking for.

In my time with TBCC, I also created several pieces of content and managed their social media to deliver an 80% increase in social media insights within 90 days.

True Believers Community Connections & Stay L.I.T. Community Resource Guide

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